Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Design Brief

Why use Design Briefs?
- To do things the right way
- To diminish the differences between groups, by boosting communication.
- Shows what you intend to do for a project.
What is a Design Brief?
- A document
- An insurance between two parties, may be changed later by the situations.
- A basic description on what is expected. Both parties know approximately what they're entering into, and what they are committing to.
Design Brief Consists of:
- Project Background
- Project Type
- Directing Resources
- Results
- General Facts
Does not include:
- Technical info; details
- Precise project info
- Phases
- Research areas
Why a Design Brief?
- The personnel might change
- Avoid waste of time and resources
- Starting is easier and faster
- Recognize biggest challenges easier and faster
- No surprises with prioritization
- If things change it may be important to know what existed in the beginning
- It might save your project
- It's better to ask questions in your beginning.