Monday, May 11, 2009

Design Brief

Project Background: Nanotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields of technology, and may be one of the most important technologies of the future. Nanotechnology encompasses many separate fields, including chemistry, electrochemistry, engineering, electronics, microbiology, and microscopy. Nanotechnology has applications in many of these fields, as well as in fashion, the military, biology, cancer research, composites research, and many others.

Project Type: The purpose of this project is to learn several disciplines that will help me if I pursue nanotechnology in university. These areas of study are: Electromagnetism and Electronic Devices, Characteristics of Materials, CAD, Basic AI, Lithography and Photoresistors.

Time Break Down:
Electromagnetism and Electronic Devices: 2 Weeks
Characteristics of Materials: 1 Week
CAD: 1 Week
Basic AI: 1 Week
Lithography and Photoresistors: 1 Week

500 in 1 Electronics Lab
Robot Builder’s Bonanza
Two remote control cars
AutoCAD Lite
Drawing tablet